Feb 1 2008

Mike Punsky to Join Jeremy Allaire at Brightcove

Posted by Mike Brunt at 9:04 AM
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One very well known name here and one not as well known but that is no direspect at all to Mike Punsky.  When you have a vision and bring that to friution as a revolutionizing product and then create a company that bears your name, there will be an amount of recognition from that ;o)

Mike Punsky worked for Allaire and then Macromedia   In many ways he planted a seed that brought together an incredible group of people; the Allaire Consulting Group.  If my memory servers me well he was the first ColdFusion consultant at Allaire.  Eventually we were mostly laid off or left of our own accord and a number of companies sprang from the seeds of that incredible group.

Mike Nimer - Digital Primates

Brett Cortese - Universal Mind

Pat Quinn (Myself before I left) - Webapper

I am sure there are many more and if anyone sees this post and used to be part of that Allaire Consulting group they should jump in and comment.  Oh and by the way...

Thanks so much to Mike Punsky and I wish you good fortune.


Steven Erat

Steven Erat wrote on 02/01/08 12:38 PM

Mike, thanks for spreading the good news. All of you guys are the Navy Seals of ColdFusion Consulting, in the trenches and on on the front lines (to abuse a metaphor). (Oh, and I would add Darryl Bantarri to that list as well)

Mike Punsky, however has an powerful presence and conveys his technical expertise with a great deal of confidence and authority. Together with Jeremy, they'll surely make a powerhouse team. Mike was the first to train me in ColdFusion Administration years ago, and in fact I still have the video recording close by on my shelf. The lessons are still ingrained deeply in me, and I'm very fortunate to have been a student of such masterful instructor.

(by the way, that captcha is set to "damn hard" mode, now on my 4th try ;-)
Mike Brunt

Mike Brunt wrote on 02/01/08 2:30 PM

@Steven, sorry about the Captcha I'll see if I can tweak that. It's great to see your comments here and yes re Navy Seals (SAS in the good old UK). One thing I really admire about Mike is that he never made me feel ridiculous if I asked a ridiculous question and I did.

One other thing well worthy of mention, you have been so helpful to the CF-JRun community via blog postings etc. I am doing most of Technicals postings over on the Alagad blog. I start full time with Alagad on Monday next .
Steven Erat

Steven Erat wrote on 02/01/08 4:16 PM

Congratulations on joining Alagad, Mike. I've seen your name on their site for some time, so I thought that you were already with them. Alagad has a rock star team, and I'm sure you guys (continue to) do very well.
Mike Collins

Mike Collins wrote on 02/05/08 9:50 AM

Just stumbled on this one. I do believe Damon Cooper was the first consultant. John Saitta was also there in the beginning. Damon and John built the various types of engagements. Kip Bowes took over and grew the team. Johnny Mataska and John Shin were the first few as well.

99-00 were crazy times. Companies were spending VC money like crazy trying to be the first site to sell whatever product on the net.
Mike Brunt

Mike Brunt wrote on 02/05/08 3:20 PM

@Mike thanks for the info. Yes it was an incredible time and a really great team to be a part of. I see myself as very fortunate to have been there. The interesting thing is that there is a still a need for that sort of consulting and there are not that many of us still around in the sense that most moved on to other work. In many ways the move to Java opened up possibilities that were never accessible. JVM tuning, xml file configuration etc.
Dale Hans

Dale Hans wrote on 05/08/08 10:27 AM

Hi Mike,

I was also one of the ill-fated Allaire consulting crew. I was a late join and really liked the job. It was too bad the vision was not adopted by Macromedia.

I'm still hanging around CF development and, like others, spending lots of time trying to stay with the changes and add Flex, ColdSpring, Mach-II, and others to the tool kit.
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I thought it would be interesting to dig back and paraphrase a few here.

http://www.idf-diagnostic-immobilier.fr wrote on 11/24/15 4:16 AM

There is no doubt it will be a challenge, Los Angeles is just so spread out and snarled in traffic at rush hour so it is very hard to find the right place to hold UG meetings. It astounded me one time when I was up in the DC area and I went to a User Group meeting

http://www.hamac-parachute.fr wrote on 04/07/16 4:44 AM

The other missing piece at present is the current list of UG members in LA. Once again I assume the previous UG Manager has that but again I cannot get a response from him.

http://www.vansfranceofficiel.fr wrote on 07/29/16 4:29 AM

Reactor, Transfer etc would almost certainly be more valuable and marketable. One thing I am learning is that this can be challenging to grasp fully and in reality my main interest is in the effects that such frameworks have on the server side, in the garbage collection etc.

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