Jun 6 2008

Commitment Born Of Enthusiasm For The Sake Of It

Posted by Mike Brunt at 7:47 AM
- Categories: ColdFusion | JRun-J2EE

I wanted to bring an insight, my insight, on the internal goings in the Open BlueDragon Steering Committee.  Being on that Committee is a great honor, mainly because of the others on there, you can find details of them here.

Our two main email lists, one internal to the Committee and the other open to all, are very active; you can join the external list here and I highly recommend doing that, even if you eventually find nothing of interest; which is highly unlikely, you will see how quickly any questions or points raised are dealt with.  My main point, my main insight is this; the level of commitment to the community, our community from all members of the Steering Committee is amazing.  Driving that commitment is an intense level of enthusiasm from all on the Committee and just as notable, the across the board help that exists on the open mailing list.  At present my contributions are negligible, hopefully that will change soon. 

The recent announcement that Railo will also be open-sourced is really going to open up our world, in my opinion.  This is great time to be a proponent of all things CFML and we will, as we always tried to, blow past the perception that CFML is a "toy" language for non-serious developers. I believe the benefits for all involved, including Adobe and most importantly the developers and users of CFML, far outweigh any downsides.


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Jackson wrote on 06/18/15 3:38 AM

My main point, my main insight is this; the level of commitment to the community, our community from all members of the Steering Committee is amazing. I guess we have a common point of view in this direction. Cheers to that.

http://www.hotel-patton.fr wrote on 08/29/15 4:15 AM

One thought that is very much also in my head, is that we have a good chance to push CFML very firmly into the Java developer community, in my opinion.

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