Jun 21 2008

CFUnited - High Availability & Clustering Presentation - Hands On Details

Posted by Mike Brunt at 4:55 PM
- Categories: ColdFusion | JRun-J2EE

I posted the details of my presentation at CFUnited over on Teratech's blog.  What I wanted to do is to show the methodology used in putting together the hands-on part of my presentation which involved a live load test against a CF Cluster.  This included the shut-down of cluster members whilst the test was running.

One aim I have is to expand this into some sort of useful training and perhaps a e-book of some kind.  I am also working on a paper for Adobe on clustering ColdFusion. 


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This included the shut-down of cluster members whilst the test was running.
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Thank you to the organizers of CFUnited, for all the work put in to make this happen and thank you to all those who attended my dry presentation. Oh and thank you to Steve Nelson of Webapper, who really started the whole push to recognized frameworks for ColdFusion with FuseBox.

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