Oct 18 2009

Caching - Which Is The Best Place To Do It?

Posted by Mike Brunt at 11:26 AM
- Categories: Web Servers | Default | ColdFusion | JRun-J2EE

We just finished the second presentation showing ColdFusion under load and the dramatic benefit of front caching.  Front caching is caching before the web-CF server and its main benefit is that unnecessary requests do not even need to hit the web-CF server.  This was at CFinNC in Raleigh NC, a great event, thanks to Dan Wilson, Jim Priest and many others.  By running a real load tests in real time we are hoping to be practical and interesting, pass as much information as possible and realize meaningful and demonstrable benefits.  

Two tests were run, both for 5 minutes with 20 concurrent users and 8 second think-time, the results were as follows...

  • No Caching - 193 total clicks, 27 errors, average request time 10.5 seconds
  • With Caching - 435 total clicks, 5 errors, average request time 4.5 seconds 

This are considerable performance improvements and we will be continuing our work on all things caching with Cold Fusion.




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